Uses of the GP Patient Survey

The GP Patient Survey is an England-wide annual survey that provides rich data for different audiences. Data is currently available nationally, at Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or practice-level and the website includes a practice comparison tool for an overview of up to three practices and a user-friendly analysis tool to help further explore the data.

The survey is used as a key source of insight across organisations. It provides significant information on patients’ experience of general practice. The results:

Are shared with organisations who are looking to undertake research into patient experience

Are published for the public and available in an online tool

Are used by GP practices and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to better understand and support their patients and local services

Feed into decisions about investment in general practice and are used to review national policy

Help to identify health inequalities across different groups in England

Help us to better understand the experiences of patients with different long term conditions