Frequently asked questions

How do I complete the questionnaire?

You can fill in the questionnaire online or by using the paper survey you’ve been sent in the post.

You can also take part online in one of 14 different languages or British Sign Language. Paper versions are available in Braille and large print. To request these, either call the Freephone helpline (0800 819 9135) or email

Do I have to answer all the questions?

Answering the questions, including any demographic questions in the section “about you”, is completely voluntary. This means you don’t have to answer them all. However, we hope you will take part, as this will give us the best possible picture of people’s experiences. There are also some questions we may ask you to skip, because of your previous answers. For example, you only need to answer question 8 if you ticked yes at question 7. Please follow the instructions in the questionnaire carefully.

Can I tell you about my experience with a GP practice that I have used recently but I am not registered with?

Yes, you can. Where the question asks about your GP practice, please think about the practice you are registered with. For questions about general practice appointments (or other services), please think about anywhere where you have had a general practice appointment. This could be any general practice location, including other GP practices, hubs or health centres.

Can I answer about appointments I make for other people?

Yes, but only in one part of the questionnaire. Most of the questionnaire asks about your experiences. In the section titled 'Making an appointment', questions 9 to 20, it is possible to answer questions about appointments you make for other people. However, the rest of the questions must be answered based on your experience only.

I changed my practice last week / last month / recently, should I still take part?

If you have changed your GP practice since November, please answer the questions about the practice you were registered with before then for the questions which ask about your GP practice. However, for questions about general practice services, please think about anywhere you have had a general practice appointment. This could be any general practice location, such as GP practices, or on other premises such as in "GP hubs" or health centres.

I haven’t had an appointment at my GP practice in the last year but I’ve been sent a questionnaire. Should I take part?

Yes, if you are registered with a GP practice. Even if you have not recently had an appointment with a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional your answers are still valuable to us. There are questions in the survey which ask when you last tried to make a general practice appointment and when you last had a general practice appointment. These will help us understand whether your experience is recent or not.

I don’t see my GP (doctor), only the nurse at the practice. Can I still fill in the survey?

Yes, you can still take part. Most questions are about general practice as a whole, this includes appointments with a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional.

I have a complaint about my GP that’s not covered by the survey. How do I make my complaint?

Ipsos MORI cannot help you with any other question or complaint you may have about your doctor, nurse or GP practice. Ipsos MORI is only running the GP Patient Survey on behalf of NHS England.

If you want to make a comment or complain about the service or care your doctor or GP practice provides, you will need to contact the practice first. If you have a complaint, each practice has a member of staff responsible for complaints and they will try to resolve the matter with you.

Or, you can contact NHS England which commissions services offered by general practices. To contact NHS England:

  • Email: with "For the attention of the complaints team" in the subject line
  • Phone 0300 311 22 33

More information about making a complaint can be found on the following websites: