GP Patient Survey Results – National Reports and Data

These pages give you access to the latest GP Patient Survey reports and survey data tables most recently published in December 2013, using aggregated data collected during January-March 2013 and July-September 2013. You can also access all archived reports using the menus on the left.

If you want to analyse the results, you may do so by accessing the ‘Further Analysis’ tools on the right.

Reports at CCG and PCT level

Please note that we are no longer producing a PCT level report. We are only producing a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) report, and have included CCG details on the practice report. Please click here to see CCG details.

Important note about the 2011-2012 Survey Results onwards

Please note that due to the changes to the questionnaire design and survey frequency, as well as the change to the weighting methodology, no results from 2011-12 onwards can be compared to previous years, even where questions remain the same.